Online Marketing for Your Business

by Andrea Macdonald   Marketing Guru at Analog Media

by Andrea Macdonald

Marketing Guru at Analog Media

Your website, emails, logo, colours and images form a VISUAL identity for your business.

Whether we like it or not people are looking at us online!

Marketing is the “action” of promoting and selling your services and has been around since the Roman times when merchants would walk the street selling their wares. The Romans, in fact, had a very sophisticated selling and marketing strategy - placing important services and places of business on busy intersections and co-location of businesses within the same building.

Technology might have evolved, but the principle hasn’t - you need to be visible to sell your services.



Why is this important?

  1. Standing still is like going backwards

  2. The pace at which technology is moving means it's getting harder to keep up

  3. Your clients expectations are shifting - they want proactive advice and will shop around

  4. Digital engagement is critical to client retention

  5. Don’t be afraid to dive in and give it a go!


Have you considered?


Implementing a marketing strategy that doesn’t cost the earth or take months to implement?

We can help you with that, as well as:

  • reviewing your website, including re-design and content structure

  • social media and digital marketing

  • apps and software to improve your business

  • client engagement and communications strategies


Our Offer

Full Review of your Digital Marketing Capability

Our service includes a review of your current client communications and marketing programs. This is a one-off cost of $49.

What you get:

- A tailored report on your current marketing capability and identified areas for improvement

- One one-on-one session to go over your results

Why do we charge?

We want you to have some “skin in the game” and our experience shows that when someone’s had to commit to time and cash, they are more likely to show interest in the results.

From there you can decide whether you want to move ahead and implement or we can help you find options to learn how to do it yourself.