Debunking Digital Marketing Myths - Part 1


There seems to be an infinite number of opinions that circle around when it comes to Digital Marketing. What should you be doing? How should you be executing your marketing? It’s too expensive, Facebook is dead, oh and all of those acronyms we know you love!

Myth #1 You don’t need to do it all. Choose your lane.  

The first myth we are going to debunk is that you DO NOT need to use every type of promotional tool and channel available. In fact, for a small business it would be near impossible to execute. To try and use every tool and every channel you would need an entire marketing team by your side. You would need a team of in-house developers, web designers, copywriters and technical support. This is probably more people than your current workforce. Plus all these people and skills scream big budgets, which we know small businesses don’t have.

But this doesn’t mean you should ignore your marketing altogether, it just means that you are in another lane, using a different strategy, executing things a little more slowly and cost effective than our big budget busters.

As a small business you want to make sure the basics are met. You want to make sure you have a website up and running that is aesthetically pleasing and easy to follow for your customers. Once you have this, you make a plan and stick to it. This could be drafting an article for the blog section on your website once a month or sending out a newsletter to clients every fortnight to keep your business and brand top of mind when they require your product or service.

If your customers find the articles you are writing informative and interesting, you’re building value into your brand and service through the eyes of your customers. This added value could be your point of difference from your competitors, you are showing that you are passionate about what you do and you care for your customers who are the reason why your business exists. This is your lane, stick to it.


Myth #2: You can’t do it all yourself.  

Now this myth is more of a reality check, do you have the skills and more importantly the time to dedicate to marketing your own business? Articles are great to retain your loyal customers and offer a point of difference but how do you get the customer to get to your website in the first place? Building growth in your business is a time consuming practice, more than writing a blog article once a month.

I go to an accountant at the end of the financial year to have my tax return completed. I know I don’t have the right knowledge to maximise my tax return, and if I wanted to get that knowledge I would have to spend a lot of time reading up on tax laws and amendments to legislation to understand how to correctly make deductions. Rather than doing this, I prefer to hire an accountant that has gone to University for three years to make accounting their career. My time is better spent doing what I know best, Marketing.

Do you want to grow your business? A marketing specialist will create a personalised marketing strategy for your brand. Their eye is fine tuned to see the little mistakes you completely missed. They can implement a consistent message to your target market on a multitude of different channels. Just like an accountant can add in deductions to your return , a professional marketer can make all the difference to your campaigns success. 


The expense of it all… Myth #3

I have participated in seminars where I have seen small business owners spending upwards of $5k on their marketing and signing up to subscriptions that aren’t actually helping them.

For a suburban accounting firm, $500 could get your online presence up to scratch. For as little as $350 a week, you could have an entire marketing strategy sorted and implemented for you. If you budgeted $15-$20k per year on your marketing you could have your online presence maintained regularly, including your website, emails and Facebook posts.

To put this into perspective, for a business whose revenue is $300k per annum that is just 5% of your turnover. If you want to grow your business you may wish to invest a higher percentage. Or if your business is in its mature phase and you are just looking for a little digital maintenance a lower percentage could suit your firm’s needs. The myth that marketing is unaffordable is debunked!

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