Debunking Digital Marketing Myths – Part 2


Myth #4: Any online presence is better than no online presence

In this digital age, a website means that you and your business exist. It means your business is not a scam, and customers can find what you are about, what you offer and where you are located.

An online presence is not optional. Let me repeat an online presence is NOT optional. Okay glad you got that. But a website that was created 15 years ago by an intern should no longer exist either. If you have one of those websites that has not been re-vised, re-edited, re-visited and brought up to date in the past 10-15 years please ask for help. We are here for you, this is what we do, let us help.

We did some market research on 100 accounting firms in our area and sadly, so many websites and Facebook pages have been abandoned. This transfers to your customers that you have no pride in your image, brand and ultimately your business. I know you care, let us transfer your love for your business onto your web pages and get your online presence updated.


Is Facebook Dead? Myth #5

Facebook has 1.15 billion (yes with a B) ACTIVE users DAILY. MYTH BUSTED!

Facebook is not in the grave yet. And depending on your target market Facebook could be where they are all hanging out.

The reality for Facebook is that the millennials use it to message family, friends and colleagues, but on occasion they also use the social platform as a search engine; to check out your business.

Baby boomers are much more likely to take a scroll down their Facebook newsfeed than the millennials, so if you want to utilise Facebook ads I wouldn’t necessarily suggest it for the millennials but it definitely has some merit for the baby boomers.

But despite your target market, you should have a Facebook page dedicated to your business, because like a website, it validates who you are when a potential customer goes searching for more information.

Facebook is a great place to keep customers updated on changes in your firm: whether your opening hours are extended, you’re closed for a public holiday, you have a new staff member or one is leaving for maternity leave. It’s a good place to keep the good times rolling and put the positive news. Facebook is also the perfect platform to give your business its own shout-out, where you can re-post those articles you have been writing each month.


Myth #6 Acronyms

Let’s start scratching the surface on those acronyms you keep hearing getting splashed around everywhere in Digital Marketing.

SEO is search engine optimisation and is how a website or online content can be “found” on the internet. It is how search engines like Google and Bing scan your online content for relevance.

SMART is an acronym that Marketers use to write effective goals. The ‘s’ stands for specific, ‘m’ measurable, ‘a’ is attainable, ‘r’ realistic and ‘t’ for time.  In all aspects of business you want to make sure you are writing SMART goals.

AIDA is a Marketing technique used in the industry to create direct sales from advertising. AIDA focuses on the customer completing an ‘action’ that will directly take the customer to the business electronically or physically which would then have them buy from your business.

B2C is Business to Consumer which is the traditional business model where you directly sell to a consumer.

B2B means Business to Business. If you are marketing and selling to other businesses than you would utilize different channels than what you would with a consumer.

CX is short for the Customer Experience. What is the customer’s experience when they visit your website or your brick and mortar store or when they buy from you? Do you provide an after care service just in case your customer has an issue with a product or service they purchased from you? 

COB is a nice and easy one that a lot of industries use. It translates to Close of Business which is normally 5pm. If you are a B2B supplier a lot of your customers will want things completed by COB.

FAB is what makes your business stands out from your competitors. It is the Features, Advantages and Benefits that you supply above your opposition in the market.

They would be the top eight Digital Marketing acronyms that come top of mind that as a business owner you might want to know.


In Marketing you don’t need to do it all, you can pick and choose how and when you want to advertise and what channels will best suit your business. But in choosing which channels you want to use, you need to include a website in this decision. You must have a strong online presence for customers to be able to find you. If you don’t know how to do this, hire a Marketing professional to help you and get your business off the ground. You know investing in Marketing is affordable and will propel your business to the next level. Facebook is not dead and as a business you should be using the free services available to create an even bigger online presence. And now that you know the top eight Digital Marketing acronyms, you can feel confident in approaching a Marketing expert to help you.

Hopefully debunking these common Digital Marketing myths has helped you in understanding our industry a little more. Let us know if there are any topics that you are busting to know more about, we would love to write about them.

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