The Difference between Traditional and Digital Marketing


Traditional and digital marketing are both very effective ways to communicate to your audience. But is one way more beneficial to target your audience than the other? Or is it best to integrate these two approaches for your business?

A great way to tell these two apart is to think of all the different channels businesses used to advertise before the digital age. These channels are our traditional platforms, so advertising in newspapers, mail, television, radio, billboards, posters, word of mouth, and letterbox drops. Whereas digital marketing utilizes technology and our addiction to the internet. This is the category where email, websites, social media, blogs, applications all come into action. But which one is better for your business and why?

Traditional Marketing tends to reach a mass amount of people in a small geographic area. You tend to get a lot of views from a wide range of people but not necessarily from your target market. This way of advertising can be very pricy for your business and can be difficult to measure the success of. Although for some businesses this could be the best way to reach your audience.

On the flip side, Digital Marketing tends to be more targeted. You don’t usually reach the quantity of people that you would with a television or billboard advertisement but you also don’t have the expense that comes with it. Sending off an email, posting on Facebook or updating your website is free and with the analytic services that come with these platforms you can actually get an accurate measure of your marketing efforts.

Both types of marketing can directly influence new growth into your business. But which one do you implement?

Unfortunately in this digital age, businesses don’t really get the option anymore. Marketing especially digital marketing is now an expectation for businesses to have from their potential and existing customer base. Customers require a website where they can find out how the business can help them out, who is employed there and what credentials the firm has. They also love the keep up to date with the business on social media like such as Facebook and LinkedIn at the bare minimum. Anything above this will entice growth into your business or add more value to your current service that your business provides. For a business operating in 2019, it is really important to tap into this Digital Marketing arena.

So where do you go from here? If you have the time and a little Marketing flare why not DIY? You can just about Google anything you like these days, even how to fix up your current website, what content you might like to add to your Facebook page or how to start up a business LinkedIn page. For the parts you can’t do, you can outsource. Or if you are really stuck for ideas it might be worth contacting a Marketing specialist who could just get your online presence up to scratch with your competitors or if you are intrigued on how your business can grow from where is it they could come up with a Marketing strategy and even implement it for you.

Marketing is no longer a business luxury but a requirement in this internet era.