Marketing For Accountants – The Top 20 Ways to Market Your Firm



Your brand is your client’s first impression. Now whether you are trying to stand out from the crowd, appeal to a niche or wanting to shake old perceptions, it’s probably time for a little revamp and a bit of a review.

We need to make sure your name, colours, iconography, messaging and brand personality are all integrated and blend together to paint a perfect picture of who you are as a business.  


Understanding how to reach potential customers stems from understanding what your touch points are during that customer’s journey. What points might present barriers and which ones provide opportunity?

Almost every successful company recognises that it is in the business of customer experience (CX) it’s no longer enough to compete on products and services; how a business delivers for its customers is beginning to be as important as what it delivers.

Take the time to map out your customer experience and develop a strategy to connect and deliver.

3.      WEBSITE

Make your website work harder for you. Before a customer makes contact they’re going to do their research and if your website is clunky, outdated or impossible to find then they’re going to have difficult trusting you’re the right choice.

Keep things fresh, easy to navigate and responsive on mobile devices. If you’re unsure whether you’re doing it right you can organise to have a digital audit or website health check performed by a digital or marketing agency. Like us!


The more your customer understands, the more comfortable they feel in making big decisions. Educate your audience and demonstrate how knowledgeable you are with educational and engaging content across your social media, website and newsletters. Consider infographics, articles, video and even webinars.

5.      BLOG

Demonstrate your team’s authority in your field by blogging on news, trends and hot topics.  Blogs are a great way to keeping your website fresh, appealing and up-to-date.

6.      Search engine optimisation

Make sure you can be found! Invest time in increasing your google rankings so that people can find you. SEO is handcrafted; you need to take the time to show Google you deserve to be at the top of the rankings.


Digital advertising is targeted and incredibly cost effective. Try Adwords, digital display and social media advertising to reach the right audience, at the right time. The best thing? You only pay for the value you receive (per-click or per-impression).

Ask us about Geo-targeting and re-marketing tactics as well to make the most of your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

8.      FACEBOOK

Facebook marketing can be incredibly effective for accountants, but only when done correctly. Keep your content valuable, engaging and on brand. Facebook is a fabulous platform to humanise your firm, to showcase the positive news. If you are supporting a charity this season make sure your community knows.


Sponsorships are often overlooked and dismissed when implementing a Marketing strategy despite offering a huge number of perks. Check out one of our popular articles on the perks of partnership here.


Organise a seminar or event that rewards your customers and offers value. Events are also the perfect opportunity to swap client referrals. Partner with another business to run the event and each invite along your own guest list.


Accounting is one of those industries that thrive on referrals. Use your happy, satisfied customers to advocate for you and encourage referrals. Get creative with your referral marketing ideas.


LinkedIn is perfect for B2B accountants. Take the time to cultivate a presence for not only your company, but your personal brand. LinkedIn is just the professional version of Facebook; keep your business page active and up-to-date with what is happening at your firm.


Seek out opportunities to get in front of a mass audience without paying a fortune for advertising. Earned press is a great opportunity to establish your credibility as a practice. Online PR is also an excellent way to drive traffic directly to your website and ultimately increase those search engine rankings.


Do you have plenty of people clicking on your site but you’re not capturing any leads? Successful lead generation campaigns will gently guide your customer in the right direction without any barriers or difficulties. Combine a lead generation funnel with lead magnet tactics for the best results.


Remember that computer information systems class you did at University? Databases are truly an asset to your company. It is how you communicate directly with your community, how you can introduce new offers and products, and build relationships with your customers. Your email list has the potential to be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Think of it like goodwill when you sell or buy a business.


E-newsletters are a valuable tool to touch base with existing and prospective clients.

The modern audience values engaging content and relationships, rewarding brands that provide these with their loyalty and referrals. The key to using e-newsletters correctly is to keep your content valuable rather than spamming your clients with unwanted sales material.


A lead magnet is an extra incentive you offer your clients at key touch points in their journey with you to thank them for their business.

It should be something that either adds value or is somehow relevant and irresistible for your target audience. A good lead magnet will interconnect with other marketing tools that you have in place so it serves a reminder for your client about your brand.


Make alliances with other service providers that play in well to accounting, such as law firms, real estate agencies or financial advisers. You can refer your clients onto their businesses and they can suggest you as a firm to their customer base.


The opinion of peers is incredibly influential when it comes to making a purchase decision. Help customers recognise the value in your practice before they’ve even connected with you by encouraging testimonials from your current client base. Keep refreshing your testimonials so that they never become out-dated, even if it’s just once a year.


The good old-fashioned method to Marketing – networking. It is always a great idea to network within your industry and geographic area. Stay in touch with relevant business events and always participate in industry award nights. You want to show up for your competitors and for the stability of your brand image.

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