It’s a necessary evil - digital advertising is nowadays an essential part of any business growth strategy.


As a business owner you know the difference between surviving and thriving. When you are surviving, you are doing okay; you are breaking even and staying afloat. But when you are thriving your employees are happy you feel excited and your revenue is exponentially increasing. You feel good about owning a business.

One of the largest factors that a thriving business has that a surviving business doesn’t is a digital marketing strategy that is working for them.

In this digital age, electronic advertising is an essential part of any business’ growth strategy. Digital Marketing hinges off our reliance of the internet and involves the channels including: email, websites, social media, blogging and phone applications.

Digital Marketing is perfect for small businesses. A strong Marketing strategy does not need to consume too much of your time or your budget. Digital Marketing is a very cost-effective method of advertising and getting your business out there to more consumers.

The internet has really levelled out the playing field between big and small businesses. Digital Marketing makes it easier for the smaller businesses to compete in the big marketplace.

An excellent example of a start-up utilizing an impeccable Digital Marketing strategy would have to be the Uber ride-sharing business.

Uber is the second-ever venture-capital-backed business, to pass $50 billion value, after Facebook of course.


A strong Digital Marketing strategy can help your business grow by leaps and bounds. Gone are the days where you need to spend thousands on promoting your business on a billboard or creating a television commercial, now all you need is a laptop and some know-how.

Digital Marketing is a huge part of our lives and it is not going anywhere. Every business needs to be online and digital so that your consumers can find you when they need you.

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