GoDaddy Study Reveals that 59% of Small Businesses in Australia Don’t Have a Website!


I know I needed to pick may jaw off the ground as well!

In this digital minefield of a world that we live in, where businesses are located by a single Google search, I am gobsmacked that our local small businesses don’t have a website of their own. The stats get worse! In regional areas this figure jumps to a whopping 65%!

This whole digital world is meant to level out the playing field between the big companies and the little ones, not to drive a bigger wedge between them!

So why do these small businesses not have a website? They said:

1.       Their business is too small (44 percent).

2.       It is too expensive to have a website (30 percent).

3.       They don’t have the time to build or manage one (17 percent).

Interestingly men were more likely to say that their business isn’t deemed large enough for a website in comparison to women. Plus they thought that building a website would be too difficult to serve its purpose.

Approximately 1/3 of small business owners think having a website is too expensive.

So how much are they talking about to build a website?

On average small businesses believe it would cost them around $3,200 to get a web designer to build a fully functioning website for them. If we broke up the data and looked at the answers between the generations, Millennials expect to pay $4,347, Gen X estimated $3,208 and Baby Boomers thought around $2,553 for a website design.

Female business owners thought the cost to develop a website was a major factor to not having one than their male counterparts. 

This survey also revealed that 70% of small businesses with a website feel as though they have a lot of issues with their site that need correcting. But they don’t have the time to try and amend this information and have it updated.

Despite businesses not wanting to put in the time or the expense for a website the majority of owners know that there are definite benefits to having a website.

2/3 of opinions said that it made their businesses look more creditable and professional.

Many business owners say that having a website:                    

1.       Provides a good means of receiving customer enquiries (59 percent).

2.       Opens up new business opportunities (58 percent).

3.       Means the business can be found on Google (56 percent).

The majority of small businesses that operate a company website believe it has had a significant commercial impact on their success.

Small businesses with websites have reported that they have seen up to 25% growth.

47% of businesses who do not have websites are looking at building one within the next 12 months.

Small business owners would get a website if:

·         he process was quick and easy (39 percent);

·         There was an easy-to-use DIY website builder they could use (36 percent) or

·         A professional designer built one for them (34 percent).

 So despite business owners’ knowing the benefits of a website and that it makes their company look professional and creditable, 50% of them don’t and won’t look into getting one due to company size, time constraints and expense.

These are all very curious numbers to reflect upon. We are a Marketing Agency who is defying these stats! It doesn’t need to cost you the Earth to have a website and maintain it.

We can set up an affordable website for your business and boost your online presence! We can even teach you how to update and maintain your website so that you too can experience this extra 25% growth!

Having your own website shouldn’t cost you thousands of dollars unless you need an overly complicated one, with difficult coding. But simple website is better than no website, so that your customers can find you online.

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