You pay for what you need. We charge a simple and straightforward fee structure, this doesn’t change depending on the nature of the work so you always know what you are paying and won’t be surprised with large agency bills each month.

You have the flexibility to cap the number of hours per week/month so you can manage your marketing budgets and we invoice weekly so you always know what is happening.

We don’t charge monthly “retainers” or lock clients into lengthy commitments.

What this means is that you have flexibility but also demonstrates the value we believe we create for our clients.

At a flat rate for any and all of our services; you can get results for your business and save an average of $2,500/month. Finally, savings and results.





1. Traditional agencies are generally trying to sell you something as they often are in partnership with additional suppliers. This is a way for them to generate additional revenue from you.  Don’t be surprised if they try and up sell you a new website, SEO optimisation, PPC advertising or list management services.

2. Traditional agencies will often charge inflated rates as they need to cover significant overheads – like ‘fancy’ offices and staff.

3. The additional services agencies offer you – all comes at a cost to you – when in reality a lot of this work can be done online or for minimal cost. You just need a little guidance and support.

4. Agencies will tell you they are your “partner” when really they are just trying to up-sell services.

5. Agencies charge retainers, and their margins are tight.

6. Digital Marketing is inauthentic unless its done right, it can also be wasteful, and you can burn through dollars faster then you can say what happened to my budget??




1. We charge a fair hourly rate based on the work performed

2. We offer impartial services – we are NOT in partnership with any third party suppliers.

2. We don’t have high overheads to manage like larger agencies

3. We have no software to sell

4. You only pay for the hours you use, when it suits you. No lock-in contracts or retainers.

5. We operate on month-by-month agreements

6. We generate solutions, not ideas