Industry: Virtual Law Firm

Solutions: Content Marketing, Email Marketing and Social Media

Key Result: Increased email open rate 2x industry average



You Legal is a new category of law firm, offering all its services online. This means their digital and content marketing solutions needed to stand out above the rest.


Law firms have a very traditional way of operating and expectations are very high - there is no room for error. It is a service which is expensive and clients expect and deserve the best advice and service. As their marketing partner, our service and product needed to match this high level of expectation, as well as deliver their marketing campaigns in a way that enabled You Legal to stand out from the crowd.

Our client also wanted to diversify into the health sector - creating an additional level of complexity.

our solution:

We worked with You Legal to provide well researched and written legal content which is shared on their website, social channels, newsletters and with prospective leads. This is no mean feat as it requires a solid understanding of legal issues and an ability to communicate in a way that is easily understood.


  • marketing strategy

  • content strategy

  • email marketing

  • social media management

  • content creation

  • new website build and refresh of the design


Over the course of 12 months here is just a snapshot of what we created for You Legal:

  • 23 email campaigns; with an average open rate of 43% which is 2x industry average

  • Six new online e-books written and published

  • 250 social media posts

  • 52 new articles researched, written and published online

  • Increased website unique page views by 40%

  • Refreshed website and landing page experiences